Imam Al-Mahdi would be a pious man who will arrive at the end of the time; He will be among the descendants of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). Allah will set all the affairs of mankind straight through His Arrival and will bless the earth with fairness and mercy. The sign of his arrival will be extensive corruption and there will be a lot of aggression and wrongdoings on earth.

The arrival of Iman Mahdi is one of the major signs of Qiyamah, Ahl e Sunnah believe in the fact that he is very much real and will appear one day.

Many people in the past has been appeared claiming falsely that they are Imam Mahdi. One of those was Mohammad Bin Tumarat. He was a scourge who encouraged corruption and even murdered few of his associates because they didn’t believe his claim of being Hazrat Imam Mahdi. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani was also the one of those false claimants, except these two there are also many other cursed people who claimed to be the Messiah (Flase Messiah). It should be clear to everyone that none of these people meet the sings which were laid down by Muhammad (SAW).

We will describe some of the signs that will lead up to the arrival of Hazrat Imam Mahdi, so that we don’t mislead to trust someone claiming to be the false messiah who is blatant liar in reality.

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Signs Which Will Ensure the Appearance of Imam Mahdi

1. Great Disputes and Violent Deaths

There are so many signs which will ensure his emergence but the very important and general sign is that he will appear at a time when there will be great disputes and violent deaths among people. When they will be feeling great fear and afflicted by commotion.
People will be indulged in calamities so much that there will be no shelter for them to hide from oppression. The battles will be fitnaas and battles everywhere on earth. Whenever a fitnaah will end, a new one will begin and spread out and escalate. People will face such harshness and pain that they will wish for death. That is the time when Hazrat Imam Mahdi will come on the face of an earth.

2. War in Mina before the Appearance of Imam Mahdi

Before His emergence, a battle will start between tribes. Pilgrims will be looted and a fight will break out in Mina in the same year; which will be the responsible for deaths of many people.

3. The Euphrates Will Uncover a Gold Mountain

At the final hours, The Euphrates – which is the river that flows through Iraq and Syria and then opens in the Arab – will reveal a mountain full of Gold, due to that people will fight each other and die.

4. Arrival of Sufyani

Before even Imam Mahdi, The Sufyani: descendent of Abu Sufyan will arrive from depths of Damscus. According to Ahadith, the Sufyani would be a tyrant who will promote mischief and corruption on the earth before the emergence of Imam Mehdi. Sufyani would be such cruel that he would rip out the bellies of women and kill the children. When he would hear about Medhi, he would send an army after him, to kill him. But, the earth will gulp down his army before reaching to Imam.


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