Who Are Ashab-e-Kahf and what is their story? We Bet every person has this question in mind and they heard different things regarding that. Here we will tell you their story. The Ashab-e-Khf were a small group of righteous young people who were running from King Pagan and his despotism and looking for some shelter. They found a cave and managed to hide in it. By the consent of Allah Almighty they slept in the cave for about 300 years. The Holy Quran has mentioned the entire story in the Surah Kahf.

The cave is located in to the commuter belt of Abu Alanda in Amman. Although, you can find the whole story in Quran but we tried to gather the entire tale into few points here in this article.

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Story of Ashab-e-Kahf

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Interior of Ashab-e-Kahf Cave

There was a Roman king back in 250 AD whose name was Daqyanoos or Decius; he used to conduct an annual meeting in which people were used to worship idols or statues. Many peoples were used to take part in that meeting.

But one of those people was the believer of Allah Almighty as well as the Prophet Essa aka Jesus. The youngster believed in the oneness of Allah and avoided the Pagan practices. He was brave and rebelled against the practice openly in the society. He started to gather people after him who shared the same belief.

The king found out about this and grew angry; he ordered his soldiers to kill all those who rebel against him. Thus, the youngsters had to flee from the place. While escaping, they met with a farmer and his dog on their way. They told the farmer about their blief and story, the farmer also decided to accept their belief and joined them.

Eventually, they found their way into some cave and hid there; they prayed to Allah for ease. They decided to rest in the cave for a while, upon their sleep a dog named Qitmir was guarding the entrance. By the Will of Allah, those youngsters and the dog sleep for more than 300 years.

When they woke up after three-hundred years, they felt like they slept for just few hours. They were feeling so hungry, they decided to send one of them to fetch some food for them. When one of them go to the nearest city for buying food, the shopkeeper was amazed to see such old currency. That time, the group found about the reality.

When the king of that time found about this incident, he especially came on foot to pay them a visit and seek their blessing. Upon the death of those men and dog, their bodies were buried in the same cave which is now called Ashab-e-Kahf cave. You can still see their bones in the cave.

There is an extremely ancient olive tree at the left side of the entrance. They also built a small church on the top of the cave at one time, but later, that church was turned into a mosque.

This is the story of Ashab-e-Kahf and its cave. There are still so many things that people may wonder in this story and want their answers. But Allah likes to keep some of things hidden from his people and it is for our own good as HE knows the best.



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