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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be at peace? To have your mind, body, and soul feel tranquil?. I experienced it a few times on a journey to the Holy sites in Madinah and Makkah. On the way there, we traveled about 15 hours straight.

We were tired and just wanted to get off of the plane. The best thing that happened was that we arrived in Madinah, the airport was clean and the staff was very friendly. Our travel guide met us at the airport, took our bags and loaded them into the bus and drove us about 10 minutes to our hotel.

Our hotel was so close to the Masjid Annabawi, (Prophet’s Mosque) in Madinah. We arrived right before Maghrib; we left all of our bags in the hotel lobby and walked to the Masjid. The sidewalks are safe, everyone around us was walking in the same direction, and we didn’t need to ask where to go.

It was amazing; we heard the Athan and walked some more until finally, we could see it. The second most beautiful place on Earth, Masjid Annabawi. The lights are so bright, the floor is white, and we walked until we got to the rugs, beautiful and clean red rugs with flowers printed on them. I see the green dome as I am walking, I give my salutations to the Prophet (S) and I cry because I can’t believe that I am actually here again.

We prayed, we made duaa, we are hopeful that Allah will accept from us. We went on a field trip to a date farm, Mount Uhud and other sites, it was amazing to trace the steps of the Prophet Muhammad (S) and his companions (RA) and enjoy the blessings and tranquility of Madinah.

We decided to visit the Prophet(S), they have specific times for men and women. I was so excited, my cousin took me inside; she knew where to go and how things worked. It was beautiful inside the mosque, gold ornaments, huge marble pillars, and so much attention to detail.

I felt so at home, so relaxed and so glad to be there. We finally made it in, we visited the Prophet Muhammad(S) and we made duaa, I prayed in the Rawda, which is the area between His(S) grave and his pulpit. It was amazing, I felt so at ease.

The next day, we repeated again, and again until it was time to leave Madinah and go to the best place on Earth, Makkah. I cried when I left Madinah, I was leaving the Prophet Muhammad(S), and some of the best people that are buried next to him and in Al Baqi, the well-known graveyard right next to the Masjid Annabawi.

Our trip to Makkah was long, we went by bus; I slept most of the way, we stopped along the way to get food and pray. We finally make it to Makkah, our bags are being unloaded from the buses and we are waiting to find out where our hotel rooms are.

I am in a rush, I just want to see the Kaaba, I just want to leave the hotel. But, we have to wait for our group leader and the whole group to gather in the hotel lobby. I am thrilled that everyone arrived.

We now head towards the elevator and make our way to the Kaaba. I see the Kaaba, the lights are bright, the floor is white, and there are crowds of people everywhere. I am looking between the people and columns to see if I can view the Kaaba- and there it is, finally I can see it- as beautiful as ever. I cried for a long time, I was making duaa and crying. I just wanted to stay there for a long time.

We begin by doing tawaf around the Kaaba 7 times, I was able to get to the Yemeni stone, touch the side of the Kaaba before it, pray in the area within the wall, and yes, I touched the Blackstone on my second last day there.

I was amazed, happy, relaxed and felt so close to Allah. I prayed my 2 Rakas behind Maqam Ibrahim and made it to Zam Zam where I drank Zam Zam water, washed my face with it and continued to the Sa’ay. Sa’ay, when you walk back and forth 7 times between the two hills, Safa and Marwa, commemorating the plight of our Mother Hajar (S) when she was searching for food or water for her baby Ismaeel(S) and the ground gushed out water- this is the current day Zam Zam water well.

We finished the Sa’ay and trimmed our hair, the men trimmed or shaved their heads depending on preference. It was beautiful, we cried out of happiness. We went back and repeated. We spent 7 days on our trip, the amount of peace and blessings is indescribable. I pray that Allah accepts from us and allows us to visit His Holy sites again soon.
Tips on what to take with you:

  • Snacks
  • Medicine
  • Pedialyte/Electrolytes
  • Band-Aids
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Cash
  • Photocopies of important documents
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Drawstring bag to put shoes and personal belongings in
  • Slippers with grips on them

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