In this article, we are going to discuss Top Tourist Destinations in the Middle East 2019. Middle Eastern region – also in news for the conflicts and civil wars though – has become one of the hottest destinations for tourists in 2019.

Arabs are naturally warm people known for their hospitality, generosity, warm-heartedness and rich cultural values, never come short of welcoming their guests who have started to visit the gulf region more frequently than ever thanks to the advanced modes of travelling which come with small stress of Jet lagging. More people are now packing themselves to hit the tourist-friendly sites in the area. Here are some of the top tourist destinations that never fail to attract foreigners for a visit:

Best Tourist Attractions in the Middle East (Arab World)


Dubai (UAE)

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Dubai Frame, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, The Dubai Mall and Palm Jumeirah are among the top tourist destinations for the visitors. Known for its cutting-edge architecture, Leisure complexes, Shopping Malls and skyscrapers one can term it the Manhattan or New York of Middle East.


Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Abu Dabi best places in middle east

From Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (known for its Grand Persian Carpet and Crystal Chandeliers) to Emirates Palace, Louvre Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Island and many more, the capital of UAE offers it all to those visiting it. The ever booming oil exports and commerce are consistently contributing to the development of tourism and other sectors of the state.


Kuwait City (Kuwait)

Kuwait Best Places in middle east

Going with the trend of investing in tourism in gulf, Kuwait City has done some good work to develop itself into a massive tourist attraction for the wanderers from around the world. It is one of the best travel destinations in 2019 with sky kissing buildings, museums, mosques, souks and more. Neo-Arabic Watchtower, Souk Al Mubarakiya market, manicured gardens, Al Hamra Tower, Kuwait Towers and JW Marriott Hotel will never disappoint the tourists.


Beirut (Lebanon)

Beirut Al Amine Mosque
Beirut Al Amine Mosque

Beirut, once known as the Paris of Middle East is a fine mix of Arab Architecture and Parisian class. The multiethnic and multicultural city serving as the capital of Lebanon is known for its nightlife vibrancy. Dominated by secular values and cultures, Beirut hosts some of the finest bars and clubs in the country. National Museum of Beirut, Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, Sursock Museum and Martyr’s Square Beirut (a memorial to nation’s martyrs during civil and foreign-forced wars) are some of the must visit sites if you are planning a trip in 2019.


Manama (Bahrain)

Manama Bahrain

Manama, the capital of Modern Bahrain and the largest in the country by size, offers a mix of ancient and modernity to the explorers. Lying at the convergence of the trade routes since antiquity Manama offers a great sight to the lust of wanderers. Top things to do in Manama may include Al Fateh Grand Mosque, Bab Al-Bahrain Architectural masterpiece, Bahrain National Museum and Manama Souq Shopping market.


Amman (Jordan)

Amman Citadel Amman jordan
Amman Citadel

Amman must be a very popular choice for travelling in safe and easy Jordan to which it serves as the capital. Known for its ancient heritage, Amman hosts Amman Citadel with its historic ruins, Jabal al-Qala, pillars of the Roman Temple of Hercules, 8th Century Umayyad Palace Complex (known for its grand dome), Roman Theater, Mount Nebo, King Abdullah Mosque, Petra, Dead Sea shores, Wadi Rum, and more make the top tourist attractions. You can effectively cover the place in 4 to 6 days comfortably.


Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

Riyad National Museum
Riyad National Museum

With the new ruler, KSA is on a new track and journey to modernization and reforms. Riyadh, the capital of the Saudi Kingdom offers a wealth of tourist attractions for the tourists. Under the rule of recently-appointed MBS: Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud known for his progressive approach, the country has adopted the vision of bolstering its tourism industry. Masmak Fortress Palace, Riyadh Zoo, King Abdullah, Kingdom Centre Tower, Al Bujairi Heritage Park, Al Nakheel Mall, Al Rajhi Grand Mosque, Old Dir’aiyah, Janadriyah Festival, Granada Center, Panorama Mall, Heet Cave and Al Hokair Land are some of the worth-visiting tourist attractions.


Ras Al Khaimah (Emirati Kingdom)

Hilton Ras Al Khaima Resort
Hilton Ras Al Khaima Resort

Also in UAE, the Lesser-known state in the Emirati Kingdom has made it to 2019 list of top tourist destinations in the UAE. It last year opened the longest zip line in the world which joined the already sitting tourist treasures like Majran Island, Jebel Jais Mountain (connected with the zip line), Dhayah Fort and Saqr Park. Ras Al Khaimah offers a contrast to the tourists with its dry and dull landscape compared to the lush green offerings of Abu Dhabi and UAE. You should visit it for the sake of contrast!

We will Insha’Allah do some detail work on the Tourist Attractions of the Arab World in future. This is all for a blog for now! Hope you will enjoy your trips to the Muslim world.


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