Things You Should Know Before Visiting Mosque

The mosque is the holy place of Muslims to worship Allah. So one has to show love and respect for that are the lists of some things you should know before visiting a Mosque

What we should wear

For entering the Mosque, we should cover ourselves according to the Islamic dress code. Both men and women should wear full sleeves, long skirts or trousers. Women should cover their heads. Men can also cover their heads. Before entering the prayer place in the Mosque building, first should remove your shoes. Because the Mosque is a blessed and humble place for turning to Allah, so every visitor should be appropriately dressed.

Don’t eat bad smelly food

Before visiting the Mosque we should avoid consuming foods that have bad smells. Bad smell foods include garlic or onion etc. it is the cause of smell from your mouth too. Such a bad smell may annoy or irritate the people.

Avoid Distractions

When we enter in a Mosque, we should avoid creating a disturbance. Avoid producing noise, playing music, ringing bells of mobile phones, excessive and continuous movements. Such disturbance and changes distract from one’s Salah and reduce concentration from any other holy action.

Feel Comfortable

When you visit a Mosque, you don’t need to feel uncomfortable. You need to check prayers time. And in a Mosque if you are allowed entering, then find a quiet spot on back and silently wait until the wait time is over. Most mosques have a separate place for men and women. So if mosques have different areas for men and women, they usually won’t require to take another place or entrance. It is not necessary to be overly concerned about etiquette. Muslims are very hospitable and welcoming; they will also guide you there. As you show faith and respect, small missteps will surely be excused.

Avoid Taking Pictures

Usually, taking pictures in the Mosque is allowed, but while prayer time, taking photographs seems to be very disrespectful.

Guidelines about Physical Touch

Islamic and Muslim faith allows men to hug and shake hands with other men and women to hug and shake hands with other women respectively. If you want to convey your respect to someone from different gender, a single hand over your heart or verbal greeting is the most excellent way of showing respect.

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