Almost every Muslim knows about Mecca and a little bit of history attached to it, but there are a lot of interesting facts about mecca that most people don’t know about it. So here we will disclose some of those facts which will surely amaze you.

Facts About Mecca That You Should Know

The Vision of 2030

Last year, around 8.75 million people entered Mecca for Hajj and Umra and out of these almost 9 million peoples, the vast majority came from outside the KSA. It is being expected that the total number of visitors would rise to 30 million by the end of 2030; including the business travelers too.

The Saudi Kingdom initiated this major vision of 2030 by keeping in mind the fact that it would welcome all these visitors in comfort and safety. As Makkah is the important entity as a Holy city of Muslims worldwide, therefore, it is the epicenter of this comprehensive plan including education, public transport, accommodation, infrastructure and much more.

Highest Prayer Room in the World

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One fact about Mecca is that it has a small prayer room aka Musalla in the Mecca Clock Tower hotel that lies 600 meters above the sea level. It is located in the crescent of the tower containing the space for only six to seven people. As its distance from Holy Kaaba is just 500 meters which makes it also the closest prayer room in Makkah out of all others.

Introduced the First-Ever Car in the Arab Peninsula

You see so many luxury cars roaming on the roads of Makkah and Saudi Arabia daily – or maybe you even drove one by yourself – if you are resident there. But do you know the fact that the first-ever car that entered the soil of the Arab Peninsula was in Makkah? The ruler of Mecca Sharif Awn Al-Rafiq (1882-1905) owned that car.

World’s Biggest Automated Transport network of Waste

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We all focus on the lively and Religious city center of Mecca but did we ever noticed that how they sustain the cleanliness of the holy city and what they do in the background to control the waste?

Mecca is known to have the world’s biggest automated transport network of Waste. It deals with the waste of the city also containing 600 tons generated in a day during Ramadan and Hajj. They transport the waste from 318 different points to the single point i.e. Central Utility Complex (located outside the city) through the underground pipelines.

Abraj Al-Bait Tower

makkah-clock-royal-tower arabnewsnow

The popular skyscraper Abraj Al-Bait aka Makkah Clock Tower breaks so many records. It has a record of being the world’s largest clock tower and the 3rd largest building in the world. The four faces of the clock can be seen as far as 17 km away. There are millions of LEDs in the clock which sparkle it during the night, plus it has a total of 26 searchlights located at the top, which throws the light up to the 10km high in the sky.

Its floor covers the total area of 1.5 million square meters and that’s what makes it one of the largest buildings in the world. You can also find 6 different facts about the mecca clock tower.


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