Saudi Society is using robots relevantly increasingly in its daily life affairs. The robotic revolution in Saudi Arabia was started by Sophia when they gave a nationality to an AI machine; Sophia became the first robot ever to get the nationality of a country in the world. Plus, there are a lot more other infinite amounts of innovations occurring in all those areas of the country which are using robots.

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Saudi Arabia always amazes us when it comes to technology and now they started to use robots in place of waiters in different restaurants of Riyadh. A few days back, a video of some restaurant in Riyadh gone viral on the internet which was showing different robots going around the eatery with trays and carrying foods for the customers. The video also clearly shows the footage of humanoid dressed in a waitress uniform which only led to the fact that robots are serving now in the restaurants of Riyadh in the place of human waiters.

robots in riyadh hotels

So a huge debate has erupted in the social media of Saudi Arabia weather the technology is replacing humans or not? And if technology would progress with the same speed by which it is progressing now then could it be the end of Humans race? All these questions emerge in every person’s mind when they hear about robots and of course, we cannot know the answers until the day comes when technology prevails on us.


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