Islam allows every Muslim to marry four women only if all of them are treated equally without any favoritism to any one of them.  It is perfectly alright to do this until he keeps in mind all the above rules, despite that Western Media bashes Muslim men who marry more than one person. The thing Western Media don’t understand is that it is quite a tricky situation for a Muslim too if he wants to marry more than one wife. He has to ensure the fact that none of his wives feel like she is being mistreated or getting less time and love. Read Also: Robots Are Taking The Charge at Restaurants in Riyadh 

Saudi Man Marries Four Women of Same School

Every Woman tends to has different behavior towards her husband’s other wives. Some of them are totally friendly with each other, however, some don’t like to fit in together. But what? If your all wives are from the same institute. This case happened right here in Saudi Arabia where one man married four women from the same school. All four of them range from a pupil to a principal of the same school. A student who studies at the secondary level tends to have the same spouse as her teacher, the teacher’s spouse is also the spouse of her supervisor and both supervisor and Principle also share the same Spouse. Isn’t it something you find funny? One thing that amazes everyone including me is that they are living happily together. Some might be thought that there must be some kind of jealousy or awkwardness among them but that is not the case here. All 4 of them have learned to live together and accept each other. The school from which all the wives belong is somewhere in Jazan, although its name hasn’t revealed. The media talked to one of the wives that was a teacher in a school. She shared that nothing is odd or awkward for her since she married the same guy who married her student, supervisor, and principle. For her, everything is normal and they all are enjoying their life with joy and happiness. This has become a topic of discussion in school and the neighboring areas. Everyone talks about them in the school and other closeby areas as it is really an interesting thing that no-one has ever listened about. People frequently discuss this arrangement which happened among 4 women. Although, because of this bizarre incident some people also raised eyebrows at the women. But as far as all the 5 of them are happy in their lives then it shouldn’t be our or someone else’s concern to judge them or even think negatively about their marriage or daily life. If the women don’t have any problem with their arrangement, then neither should any other person have as it isn’t their concern.


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