Mecca and Medina are the brightest spots on earth observed from Space.

It has been believed by many people that the Great Wall of China is so big, we can even see it from space. The satellites which orbit around the planet earth possess a great distance due to which they can merely see the land and ocean during the day time and they only see the lights at some specific parts of the world during the night.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia held the 25th Assembly of the Association of Space explorers program recently; it was held in Riyadh. During this assembly, four Russian Astronauts also visited PSSO (Prince Salman Science Oasis). Their names are Anton Shaplerov, Andrey Borisenko, Boris Mescherykov and Alexander Samokutyaev.

Kaaba from Space

Those Astronauts told the students and media who attended the program that during their time in space they would often capture pictures of the different places on earth at different times. And out of all other places on earth, Mecca and Medina of Saudi Arabia illuminate the most. They further said that the center of these two cities shined even brighter.

General Khalid Abdul Gader Taher who was the PSSO’s supervisor was the host of those Russians and he briefed his guests about everything that they did at the PSSO. One of them declared that the view of Mecca and Medina was magnificent from space. He further said that there is no other place on earth which shines as bright as Mecca and Madina at night.

PSSCO is known to be a non-profit program which is building an interactive center for science; it will attract people of all age groups. Its mission is to understand the science completely and provide practical applications to it.

Kaaba observed from space

The PSSO thinks that their work is essential for peace and prosperity and that it is very propitious for humankind. Prince Sultan Bin Salman oversees all the matters of the council for the space explorers program, he is also the Head of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities. He was also one of the founding members who established the Association of Space Explorers; plus he was the host of 25th assembly of the association. The mayor of Medina who was General Khalid Taher stated in his opening note that these Astronauts were not Russians when they fly into space, they were earthlings.

He further said that he himself is not some guy from Saudi Arabia or any of them is not a Saudi man but an earthling, same like these Russians. He said that we all are brothers to each other and our mission is to serve mankind and do something which is beneficial for humanity.

He admired those Russian Astronauts for their brave service and termed them as extremely lucky people. The reason why he said they are lucky is that these people got a chance to see the earth from the space which lets them understand the universe in which they are living. He said that he hopes their actions will inspire and encourage many other people so that they also take a step for such wonderful and brave things.



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