Social media in the Middle East has reached the pinnacle of its popularity especially in GCC countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt. UAE recorded the highest social media strength ever estimated by 99% in 2018. Saudi Arabia also registered the highest year-over-year growth-rate in the number of social media consumers with a rate of 32%. All these point to the vital role of social media in the Middle Eastern life.

Social Media Use and Statistics in Middle East

Social media marketing has become a new tool of every organization’s business strategy in order to expand its reach and enhance the sale of its products and services. Have a quick look at the use of social media across the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region:

Here is a brief record of Social media usage statistic in United Arab Emirates, Kingdom Saudi Arabia and Egypt:

Egypt holds the highest number of active Facebook users (35 million), followed by Saudi Kingdom with 11 million, and then United Arab Emirates recording 8.5 million. KSA has most number of Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat active users with 11M, 12M, and 14M, traffic respectively. Males lead the use of all social media websites/apps in the three GCC nations. Except for Saudi Arabia where Snapchat female active users dominate males in the competition (6.5 million vs 5.5 million).

Usage of Social Media across some industries in MENA:

SM Insights for Fintech Sector in Middle East and North Africa:

More than 53,000 of active consumers are engaged in activities on Fintech companies’ social accounts/pages; engagement rate is 30.98%. KSA once again tops all others with highest Fintech buzz on social media, recorded 25.67% versus USA’s 14.26%. Twitter serves as the most used platform in the Fintech industry with a rate of 79.68%. The majority of users in Jordan, Saudi Kingdom and Egypt used Arabic to while tweeting and publishing their content about Fintech. Whereas in United Arab Emirate, 81% of activity is published in English.


Social Media Insights for Automotive Companies in the Middle East:

Number of active people engaged with automotive social media accounts in the Middle East is estimated to be 222,160,000 having a total of 37% engagement rate. Turkey showed the majority of content published in English with a rate of 91.6%, followed by Egypt at 72.8% and United Arab Emirates 63.6%. Instagram remained as the main social media platform used by the automotive industry in the Middle East with a usage-rate of 89.85%.


Social Media Insights for E-commerce Sector in the Middle East:

Around 509,000 of active users in the Middle East engage with e-commerce companies’ social pages and accounts with a total of 24.35% engagement rate. Business accounts lead with the majority of e-commerce content across all Middle East nations. Biggest chunk comes from UAE recording 67%, followed by Egypt at 55 percent and then KSA with 54 percent. The content of all the countries is overwhelmingly in Arabic, except for UAE which hold 59% of its e-commerce content produced in English. Instagram tops other social media platforms in the e-commerce industry in the Middle East with a rate of 77 percent.



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