According to Islam, here is how to make your wife happy:

Marriage is the promise of spending whole life together by witnessing Allah and his humankind. This contract is not always secure and easy. To make it successful both husband and wife have to make collective efforts and According to Islam, here are six ways to keep your wife happy

Be Generous:

Always be generous to your wife. The term generosity is also known as “sakhawat.” There should be equality in the rights of the wife. Holy Prophet (SAW), the last prophet of Islamic faith, gave equal rights to all his wives and set many examples for how he set them above his own needs. Kindness is the critical element of religion, Islam. The kind behavior with wife shows that how you give respect to your better half.

Be a good listener 

Be a good listener, and properly pay attention to what she says. The wife is the supporting pillar of the whole family, carrying a lot of responsibilities over her shoulder. Within her husband, she sees her most trustworthy friend, who would release her stress by listening to her. With whom she can speak everything with the trust that her husband would pay attention to her speech and get himself involve in the conversation.

Make her feel secure

Always make her feel safe. Man has given a degree higher than a woman. By feeling the sense of responsibility, he should show to her wife that how protective he is in safeguarding his wife for her rights or herself.

Never take your wife for granted:

The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) always thanked her wives for the efforts they made for their family, valued them for their steps taken for the betterment of children and family. Appreciation is the act that motivates one for the best of him/her. Keeping appreciating your wife for her efforts.

Make dua for her:

Dua is the key element of the strong bond between the two partners. As wife finds her strength in your strength.

Be kind to her family:

Hazrat Aisha said,

“I was not jealous of any wife of the Prophet as I was jealous of Khadijah, and it was not because I saw her. It was only because the Messenger of Allah mentioned her so much, and because whenever he would slaughter a sheep, he would look for Khadijah’s friends to gift them some of it.”

Tirmidhi (Sahih).

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