Here is a brief description of paradise in the Quran.

Description of Paradise in the Quran.

Paradise and Hell are two most essential beliefs of the Islamic faith. Muslims from their childhood heard about Heaven and Hell. They also relate cartoon characters with Heaven and Hell. They know about Heaven that it is a beautiful place, luminescent, airy, and white in the clouds while the Hell is terrifying, fiery, red, horrible, and dangerous.

Islam teaches us, Hell is for those who are disbelievers of Islam in life and not live in the world according to rules of Islam. While Heaven is for those who offer prayers in time, spent their lives well according to Islamic ethics, believers of Last book Holy Quran, Islamic books, five pillars of Islam, and also believe Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) is the last Prophet of Allah.

According To Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) stated: Allah stated: I have all set for my virtuous servants what no eye has imagined, what no ear has heard, and what no heart has to visualize (Tirmidhi).

The final book of Allah also states No individual knows what is kept secreted for them of amusement of the eye as a compensation for what they used to do (Qur’an 32; 17).

The pleasure of Jannah is very delightful, pure, and vast that no mind can even think of them. We always imagined, wish, desire, and creativity in our mind and heart, but no one can similarly imagine what will happen in Paradise.

Allah stated in the final book of Islam: There will be dispersed between them wine from a fluid spring. Crystal White and delicious to those who drink that wine, no adverse effect is there in it, nor from it will they suffer intoxicated. (Quran 37; 45 to 47).

There Will Be No Sleep

In Jannah, there will be no sleep or fatigue like bad things will occur because these things are pains of the world. Every individual will be rich and healthy forever. In this world, if anyone is in a peaceful environment or in a vacation that possibly will be ruin by physical exhaustion, depression, or pressure of the mind. People in Jannah will never get exhausted or anxious. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) stated that: Sleep is a brother of death, People in Paradise will never sleep ( Silsilat al-Hadith as-Saheehah).

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