Salah is among the second pillar of the Islamic faith. It is an Arabic word meaning prayer. The Salah is the very first question to be asked on doomsday. There are some common mistakes that many Muslims make in prayer like Muslim ummah usually hold up the Salah from its appropriate time. They recite Surahs so quick that the verses got mixed. Prayer must take pause and breaks while reciting the Holy Quran for the duration of Salah.


Here Is the list of Mistakes that People Make in Salah


1. Mistakes Made In Sujood

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Sajda is the position in Salah where The creator of this world, Allah, is very close to his man, but many people, while offering prayer, perform Sujood by rest only head on the floor. It is controlling to prostrate on seven bones, the forehead and nose, the two palms of hands, the two knees, and the two feet. Not only this, but we usually may reveal our ‘Awrah’ when we prostrate, so we should be careful. For a woman, cover everything except her face and hands. Whereas for a man, the area between navels and knees.


2. Walk Calmly To Reach the Mosque:

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People in love for their God walk quickly to join the Salah. It is not allowed in Islam. Muslims should walk calmly to reach the Mosque. When Salah is started to enter whatever part you catch up and complete whichever part you missed, and we must avoid looking up throughout the Salah. People should keep their eyes fixed at the place of Sujood.


3. Resting On Forearms:

An extraordinary mistake is resting our forearms on the ground. In spite of the clear Prophetic ban: “Do not rest your forearms on the ground like a dog when prostrating.” Sunan Al-Nisai’ (Sahih)


4. Avoid Distractions:

Muslims must avoid continuous and excessive movement throughout the Salah. Because such actions distract from one’s Salah and reduce his concentration.


5. Bad Smell Food:

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We as Muslims avoid consuming foods that have bad smells like onion or garlic, etc., before Salah. Because bad smells may annoy the people.


Do you read: Women may perform Hajj without mahram.



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