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Social Media Usage in MENA

Marketing and Business with Social Media in Arab World

Social media in the Middle East has reached the pinnacle of its popularity especially in GCC countries including Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt. UAE...
teen falls to death while taking selfi

Selfi Death Teen Falls to Death From 17th Floor While Taking...

Selfie Death Case Nowadays there are many cases of teen death while taking a selfie, here is the latest selfie death case of Dubai Teen Falls...

Saudi Scholar: Abayas Should not be Mandatory for Saudi Women

Saudi women have been obliged to wear abayas (floor-length garments) in public for long, but the recent optics seen in the Saudi society are...
top 10 middle east millitries ranking arabnewsnow

10 Powerful Militaries in the Middle East 2020

Middle Eastern Region and North Africa are home to some of the least stable countries in the world. Institute of Economics and Peace ranks...
top 5 universities in arabworld arabnewsnow

Top 5 Universities in the Middle East 2020

In this article, we are talking about the top 5 universities in Arab Wolrd in 2020. The universities Ranked by a methodology that assesses...
Goint to hajj arabnewsnow

6 Things to Know Before You Visit Mecca for Hajj

The Hajj is known to be the annual Islamic journey to Mecca which is the most sacred city for Muslims from all around the...
top 5 Saudi dates health benefits arabnewsnow

5 Best Saudi Dates With Health Benefits

Saudi Dates are considered to be one of the best dates in the world with great health benefits; it is indeed the best fruit...

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