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story of wife of pharoah

The Story Of The Wife Of Pharaoh

The story of the wife of Pharaoh. Asiya was not a typical lady. She endures a lot of soreness in her life however she never abandons...
miracles of prophet muhammad SAW

Miracles Of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Here is the list of miracles of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Six Miracles of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) Every prophet is blessed with some special powers which in...
why muslim dont celebrate arabnewsnowchristmas

Why Muslim Don’t Celeberate Christmas

Christmas is not publically celebrated in the Muslim world except for the Christian communities living in the Middle East. Christmas is not ignorant by...
common mistakes people make in Salah arabnewsnow

Common Mistakes that People Make During Salah

Salah is among the second pillar of the Islamic faith. It is an Arabic word meaning prayer. The Salah is the very first question...
Women may allow for hajj without mahram

Can women now perform Hajj without mahram?

From the start, women are allowed to perform Hajj and Umrah only with Mahram, but now a question raised the what Women are allowed...
Saba-Masjid-Picture arabnewsnow

The Story of The Seven Mosques in Medina

The Seven Mosques in Medina, Saudi Arabia is a network of mosques. Pilgrims often visit it during the Hajj or Umra because of its...
Story of random girl during mecca arabnewsnow

Tranquility of Umra: The Story of Some Random Girl

Author Name: Reem Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be at peace? To have your mind, body, and soul feel tranquil?. I...
who is jesus in islam arabnewsnow

6 Facts: Who is Jesus to Muslims

Christmas which is the celebration of the birth of Jesus is celebrated all over the earth by Christians. It is known to be a...
who is Imam Mehdi arabnewsnow

Who is Imam Mahdi and When Will He Appear

Imam Al-Mahdi would be a pious man who will arrive at the end of the time; He will be among the descendants of Hazrat...

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