From the start, women are allowed to perform Hajj and Umrah only with Mahram, but now a question raised the what Women are allowed to do Hajj without Mahram??.

What are the rules till now about Hajj without Mahram?

Until now, women are not allowed to perform pilgrimage without a mahram, except in some cases, above 45 years women are allowed to perform Hajj and Umrah without any mahram if they are in a verified group.

If a Muslim lady wants to travel to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah in a group without any mahram, legally she is bind to submit a no-objection letter from her mahram.

The Saudi government is considering eliminating this rule

Studies have been conducted for both the Ministry of Tourism and Umrah leaders to issue visas for the Hajj and Umrah, and it is thought that this has become a new policy in which a man’s relatives Saudi Arabia is allowed on its presence.

Due to its development in the ministry, Umrah firms faced consciously disrupting the business. Omar Faramud also raised his concerns about its influence. He said he was in the process and if no action was taken then 200 companies would leave the market.

Marwan Abbas Shaban said that Hajj and Umrah face national problems, adding that each company has two branches and 20 employees. If she does not conform to the rules of the pilgrimage to Umrah, she will ban at least one SS1 LED trip annually.

In addition, he said that most of the companies in this sector are small and no more planned. He said that his point was that it could happen and that it was more demanding than he considers these demands.

He also said that around 750 Umrah and Hajj companies were in the market for only 500 and they are living in only 1%.Dr. Mohamed Saleh Bentein, Minister of Hajj and Umrah discussed the relations and directions of Umrah companies after the National Meeting Hajj and Umrah and also approved updates on Umrah services.

What Ministry of Hajj saying on this issue.

However, the Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Hatim Qadir, did not express confidence in the matters related to it. He assured that the ministry did not quote the condition.

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