Do Judaism and Islam are two radically different religions and do they have anything in common? We all know that Muslims are Jews are at their odds for hundreds of years and many people believe that Jewish-Muslim conflict can never come to an end. However, despite of all these odds or being radically different there are a lot of similarities between these two religions. There are a few things that are common between both Judaism and Islam. As Islamophobia and anti-Semitism is increasing around the world day by day, it is quite important for people to understand what these two have in common.

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The Quran considers both Christians and Jews as people of the book which means they have special treatment in Islam because of their common beliefs. Many of you will be surprised to know the fact that Islam allows Muslims to consume meat slaughtered by a Christian or a Jew gave that it must be properly slaughtered. Plus, Islam also allows Muslim men to marry Christian or Jewish women; however, this is not the case in terms of women. The two religions are not that much different as some might think. Today we will let you know about 7 common things which are common between both Judaism and Muslims.

7 Common Things between Islam and Judaism

1. Monotheistic Faiths (Two Religions Believing in One God)

Judaism and Islam both are monotheistic Faiths which means both of these religions believe in one God and also worship the same God. Muslims and Jews, both believe in the Oneness of Allah and that there is no other God than Allah.

2. Hazrat Isa (AS) – Jesus

As these two are monotheistic in nature, therefore, both of them don’t think of Hazrat Isa A.S (Jesus) to be divine like Christians think. Like Muslims, Jews also think that ascribing Jesus a Son to God is blasphemous. However, Muslims think of Jesus to be a Holy Prophet who spread the message of Allah to Israel but Jews don’t believe in that.

3. Prophets

Jews and Muslims share their beliefs in some particular prophets. They both believe that Prophets are the messengers of Allah that they spread the teachings of Allah to the people. Jews believe that Mosses (Hazrat Musa) is the greatest of them all. Muslims also believe in Hazrat Musa but they also believe in Jesus and Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). They both believe in Ibrahim, Nooh, Dawood, Yaqoob, Is’haaq, Yousaf and Salman (AS). Only the difference is, Jews Believe in limited prophets, but Muslims believe in all of them who came before Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

4. Jerusalem

Jerusalem which is the holy place for Jews is also one of the holiest places for Muslims. In Islam, Jerusalem is the third sacred city after Makkah and Madina as many of the messengers of Allah resided in this city. Hazrat Salman built the first religious temple in Jerusalem which makes it the religious place for Judaism.

5. Circumcision of Males

Jewish Law and Islamic Law share the same belief regarding circumcision. In Bible, Allah commanded Abraham to go through circumcision. Torah (the sacred book for Jews) also instructs to circumcise he baby after the eight-day of his birth. It is not commanded in the Quran but Hazrat Muhammad SAW required it for the Muslims.

6. Restricted Foods

Muslims only eat Halal and kosher. Kosher and Halal is similar in many ways and in some extent kosher is also considered to be Halal for Muslims. Pig meat is haram in Islam and it is also not allowed in Judaism. In both Judaism and Islam, animals are slaughtered properly by reciting the name of God but for Jews, a person who slaughters the animal must be a Jew; however, in the case of Muslims, it can be other than Muslim such as Christian or Jew.

7. Females Must Cover Their Heads

Both faiths require that the head of women must be covered. Many Jewish women cover their hairs by wearing a scarf the same as Muslim women.



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