The Hajj is known to be the annual Islamic journey to Mecca which is the most sacred city for Muslims from all around the world. It is the obligatory religious practice for Muslims that must be fulfilled at least once in the lifetime by all the adults who are both financially and physically fit for the journey. There are a few things you must know before visiting Mecca for Hajj.

6 Things to Know Before You Visit Mecca for Hajj

Places that You Can Visit on Hajj Visa

You are only permitted to visit certain places in Saudi Arabia on a Hajj Visa. It is your responsibility that you acquire a correct visa and book the right flight, also without the correct documentation, you will never board the flight or get a refund.

You are only allowed to travel Jeddah or Medina with a Hajj visa. Except for these two cities, you cannot go to other parts of KSA.

Do You Know Makkah and Madina are known to be the brightest places on earth seen from space?

Baggage Policy

All Airlines have different standard policies for baggage. However, Saudi Arabian authorities often provide some Hajj allowances that you must understand. Those allowances differ depending on different situations i.e. the airline, agent and the country you are flying away.

You must confirm your baggage policy by contacting your Umrah or Hajj Package and airline directly.

Can You Bring Back Zamzam Water?

Many air services allow hajj travelers to bring back up to 5-litres of Zamzam without any additional cost. But we will strongly recommend you to check your airline as they could have arranged complimentary Zamzam for you. You must pack your Zamzam (holy water) in the special plastic bag to avoid leakage.

Can You Take Pictures?

There are some rules about taking pictures by Saudi authorities that you must follow. They do not allow capturing photos of some governmental places or military installations, so just be careful of your surroundings while taking a snap. It is also prohibited to take pictures of Saudi locals. Moreover, they are strictly against the binoculars and take serious actions about that, so it is best if you don’t bring them with you.

Times to Check-In After Performing Hajj

Different air services have different rules about checking-in at Medina or Jaddah after performing Hajj. Those passengers who are traveling on Saudi Airline such as “SAUDIA” must arrive at airport 3-hours before departure. However, the travelers flying on international airlines like “Emirates” need to arrive six hours before the scheduled time of flight and report.  However, rules vary from airlines to airline (both national and international) so always directly consult with your airline service to make sure that you reach at the airport at the exact time.

Hajj App for Guidance

While on Hajj journey you can download an app Manasikana which is quite useful for providing guidance. The app is available in several languages such as English, Arabic, Malay, and Urdu. Plus it contains different features e.g. maps of Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, and other Holy sites. It especially highlights places of interest.

You should know all these things before going to Hajj and we all pray humbly that you get a chance to perform Hajj once in your life as it is a dream of every true Muslim.




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