Christmas which is the celebration of the birth of Jesus is celebrated all over the earth by Christians. It is known to be a major celebration around the world. But the fact that most people don’t know is that Jesus is is an important personality in Islam too, despite the thing that most of the Muslims do not celebrate Christmas (some American Muslims celebrate though); To Muslims Jesus is the Prophet Esa (AS). In this article, we have mentioned six things about the role of Jesus and his mother Marry (Hazrat Maryam) in Islam that most people don’t know about.

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6 Facts: Who is Jesus to Muslims

1: Quran mentioned Jesus (Hazrat Esa), Mary (Hazrat Maryam) and Angel Gabriel (Hazrat Jibrail) in the same way as it mentioned about Adam, Abraham, Noah, Moses and some others Bible characters.

2: It is a belief of Muslims that Esa (PBUH): Jesus was an honorable prophet of Allah and he was born to Bibi Maryam (Mary) who was virgin, and that He will return on earth before Qayamah (The Judgement Day) to defeat Ad-Dajjal and to restore Justice. Dajjal is also known as False Messiah and Antichrist. All of this is also believed by many Christians.

3: There is an entire chapter in the Quran about Bibi Maryam; which is the only chapter in the Quran that is based on a female figure. Moreover, Bibi Maryum is considered to be the only female that has been mentioned by the name in the entire Quran.

4: Same as all other prophets especially Muhammad (SAW), Muslims recite PBUH (Peace be Upon Him) with the name of Jesus, every time they refer to him.

5: Muslims also have a belief that Hazrat Esa – Jesus performed many miracles. As the Quran mentioned different miracles of Isa (AS) for several times which include healing lepers, giving sight to the blind, giving life into clay birds and raising the dead.

6: The story of the birth of Hazrat Esa (AS) (that is discussed in the Quran) is also the story of the first miracle of Jesus. He started speaking in his cradle when he was only an infant and declared that he is the prophet of Allah who came here to show the right path to the children of Israel.


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