We all know Saudi Arabia is mostly famous for its oil production. However, it is also the central meeting point for all the Muslims from all across the Globe as Mecca and Medina is situated here. Riyadh which is the capital of Saudi Arabia has become a tourist attraction for over the years along with Dammam and Jeddah; as their historical stuff describes the beautiful history of KSA. This article will showcase 5 places to visit in Saudi Arabia other than Mecca and Medina.

Whenever people hear about Saudi Arabia, the first thing come to mind is Mecca or Medina. They think there are only these places in KSA to visit, although they are wrong, there are a lot more other places to explore in the Saudi Kingdom.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

1: Najran

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Najran is the colorful city of KSA which is located near the Yemeni border; It proposes an unearthly experience for the tourists. The unique culture, history, and architecture of this city totally fits in with the neighbor country Yemen. Najran is known to be a very tourist-friendly place in the Saudi Kingdom which even charms the most experienced tourists.

2: Frasan Islands

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The Farasan Islands have a lot more to offer other than just sand and private beaches; it is a favorite diving spot of Jacques Cousteau for the visitors. These islands are the paradise for the birdwatchers and contain widespread Gazelle species and mangroves. Except for these there are several historical spots on the main island.

3: Al Soudah

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Al Soudah and The Asir National Park lies near to Abha. It is a breezy, a lush paradise that is mostly visited in the month of hot summer. The park gives experience to a cable car, trekking, camping sites, and different other outdoor activities along with friendly people and interesting architecture.

4: Wahba Crater

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Wahba Crater is located to 700 kilometers from Riyadh in the direction of Taif. There is a lot more to explore there such as salt pans, an oasis and lava fileds which can easily be checked out by foot. The place is perfect for a remarkable campout experience.

5: Buraidah and Unaizah

Buaidah and Unaizah are the northern towns of the Qasim region; it presents the ancient history and rich cultural heritage. It lies at the heart of Saudi Arabia and almost in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula. It contains beautiful unique masjids (mosques), ancient farmlands, an amazing traditional market, and several historical sites.


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