Every day around billions of Muslims face toward Kaaba and recite the prayer for five times, as it is the holiest and sacred place on earth in Islam.

But do you really know all about this holy building which is in cube shape and lies at the center of the Al-Masjid Al-haraam in Makkah?

There is no other place on earth which is as sacred, as central and as respected to Muslims as Makkah. This valley, which is located in the Hijaz region of Arabia is known to be the most celebrated place on the face of Earth. Millions of homes hang the picture of Kaaba on their walls and more than a billion people face it five times a day and pray. The Kaaba is considered to be the epicenter of Makkah.

Beautiful Kaaba

5 Lesser Known Facts About Kaaba

  1. The Kaaba was Never Meant to Be in Cube Shape

The House was never supposed to be a Cube-shaped building. It was a semi-circular area before, called the Hijr Ismail.

2. It used to be Open for Every Person

The Sacred and Holy Place on Earth was used to open twice a week, every person could have entered and prayed in it until recently. But due to the rapid increase in the number of pilgrims and some other reasons, they open the Kaaba now twice in a year for VIPs and some exclusive guests only.

3. Multi-Colored Kaaba

The Kaaba was used to be in different colors including red, green and even white. We are used to seeing the Holy Place covered in black Kiswah with gold banding, so it is quite odd for us imagining it in other colors than black. Abbasids are known to be the one who has started this tradition, as their own household color was black.

4. Kaaba With Two Doors and Window?

In the original Kaaba, there were two doors; one for entrance and other for exit. Plus, it also had a window at one of its sides for quite some period of time. But now, It only has one door and no window at all.

5. Constructed for Many Times

The current Kaaba is not the same that was at the time of Prophets Ibrahim (AS) and Ismail (AS). They need to rebuild the House from time to time after natural or man-made disasters.

Its major construction took place during the life of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) before he became a prophet. At that time, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) avoided major bloodshed.

The Kaaba’s history is not just some interesting mythical story from the past. It is very much real as it stands still for so many years on the face of the earth. It connects all the Muslims from all around the globe. It’s past not just holds glorious but also some bad memories so that we may learn some lesson and acknowledge the fact that we are here for an eternal mission. Today, when Muslims are increasingly forgetting their history, the Kaaba which is the epicenter of Makkah reminds them of their shared bonds and heritages. It is a symbol of peace and unity in Ummat e Muslima.



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