People who travel across the world rarely see more friendly and warm-hearted peoples than those dwelling in Middle East. While the world media is busy in providing the horror tales, war and destruction in the areas, there are people who have witnessed the politeness, hospitality and generosity of Arabs. So let’s take a look at the 5 friendliest Nations in in the Middle East region.

5 Tourist Friendly Nations in the Middle East


Staring from the Oman

Oman with its small territory is a home to some a wonderful bunch of people very friendly indeed! You will see them going out of their way to help travelers enjoy themselves and feel easy about the land they landed on, more so in the less touristy areas (ironically) for instance on Jabal Akhdar, and Sohar beside the beach. Omanis are great at chilling and making other chill as they allow you enjoy everything their country has for the vacationers. Muscat, the capital of the awesomely laid back Omanis, doesn’t have much to offer the tourist squads, but when you explore the rest of that small landmass you will find nothing but peace and guess what with some charm and luck, you may make friends with some.


Visit Jordan

Jordan as everyone knows is the country that greets its visitors with open arms and I didn’t experience anything different from my stay there. The good vibes I got only augmented while moving from the capital Amman to Petra and Dead Sea. I hope will get a chance to visit it again to recollect those amazing memories.


I have not explore Bahrain much – my wander lust owes it a return soon – but in my short trip I felt very special to see the Bahrainis I bumped with. The simple gestures like buying you a drink or asking for advice at the airport was very good of them, despite some negative news coverage associated of the foreign media outlets due to its domestic politics.


Grand Mosque, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Kuwait may certainly be not the country known for too much tourism, but it feels satisfying to say that I visited the place at the end of 2017 for a couple of nights to record some unforgettable experiences. The always cheering faces at the local fish markets and those on beachside gave me nothing but beautiful memories of the area.


United Arab Emirates can be a favorite place to visit, and if one is able to find some local Emirati Arabs, he/she will not be disappointed as they never let their guest down. Talking about Abu Dhabi, I personally have found the locals courteous and welcoming to the foreigners.

Note: This is not a full or final list and nor a ranking write up on tourist-friendly countries in the Middle Eastern World. There are other countries and beautiful ones in the rest of the Middle East. Will try to cover it in the next posts and wait for your feedback!


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