Saudi Dates are considered to be one of the best dates in the world with great health benefits; it is indeed the best fruit to consume. Every person who visits the Saudi Kingdom must take at least 1 packet of dates (Tamar in Arabic) with him on the way back to his/her home. You can find several kinds of dates in the market of Saudi Arabia which include Ajwa, Khudri, Safawi or amber dates. Hence selecting one of them is a quite tricky decision.

KSA offers different types of dates, each of them has its own distinct texture and taste. For those people, who might want to consume the best dates in the world, we are going to mention 5 Best Saudi Dates With Health Benefits here.

Best Saudi Dates With Health Benefits

1) Ajwa Dates

Ajwa dates arabnewsnow

Ajwa Dates are known to be the best among all other varieties of dates that the Saudi Kingdom has to offer. These are smooth and delicious dates which are undoubtedly recognized to be one of the best dates in the entire world. As per the several Hadiths, Ajwa Khajoor has some extraordinary healing properties. It is also considered that those who eat seven Ajwa khajoors in the morning will remain safe from all kinds of magic and poison until the evening. These dates are very expensive in different parts of the world, however, it is not quite expensive in KSA.

2) Safawi Dates

Safwai dates arabnewsnow

Safawi is black-colored dates which are packed with full vitamins. This kind of date is cultivated in Medina normally and has a soft texture. They contain a very high number of minerals with a lot of healing properties. It is said, that if one consumes Safawi date (Tamar) with an empty stomach in the morning, it can surely destroy any stomach worm. Because of its best healing capacity, it is known to be the second-best date in the world to eat; first is Ajwa as mentioned. Khajoors are often classified into three kinds: soft, dry and semi-dry and Safawi is known to be the semi-dry type.

3) Barhi

Barhi Dates arabnewsnow

Barhi is an Arabic word that means ‘a hot wind’. It belongs to one of the different kinds of date groups (Tamar groups) because of its crunchy texture and yellow color. It tastes like caramel or brown sugar when it ripes. It is also one of those kinds, which are sold along with thin branches. It contains a rich source of iron, fiber, flavonoids, B-vitamins, and antioxidants.

4) Khudri

Khudri dates arabenwsnow

Khudi is also one of the most selling dates in Saudi Arabia which has quite a number of health benefits. It is dark brown in color with a dry texture. It is sweetest in taste so diabetic patients should avoid it because it has a rich amount of sugar in it. Khudri is also exported all over the world due to the low prices and their freshness. This date can fill you in with a lot of energy and refreshment upon eating.

5) Zahidi

zahidi dates in saudi arabia arabnewsnow

Zahidi is the oval-shaped khajoors (Tamar) with golden color. It has thick skin with high fiber content and dry texture; it is what makes it best among all other date fruits. As compared to Medjool khajoor which has a high amount of sugar, Zahidi contains a very low amount of sugar content.


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